Your New Pizza Stone

So you went ahead and bought your first pizza stone. You read through the care and studied the types. Now comes the fun part..Making Pizza! Before you get to cooking, there are a couple of things to do to ensure your new pizza stone will give you years of service.

Square Pizza Stone
Pizza Stone

First ¬†pizza stones and baking stones are very porous. You may be tempted to wash it first, but don’t use any soap or detergent. Simply wash it with hot water and it will be fine. If you use soap it will seep into the stone and may affect the taste of the food.

Next, coat the pizza stone with a generous amount of olive oil. You want to use enough to cover thoroughly, but not so much it is dripping off. Let it sit and “dry, then repeat. Then let it sit overnight if possible.

Now you are ready to start cooking with you new Pizza Stone!


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