Pizza Stone Hacks

What is a hack?  How can you “hack” a pizza stone? Well for those not familiar with the word and its current use, a hack means doing something other than what it was intended for. But no, it doesn’t mean using it for a heavy Frisbee or shooting clay.  For us it means what else can you cook on your pizza stone other than pizza?  Remember, the whole reason that a pizza stone performs so well is that it disperses heat evenly across the surface of the food.  So we went searching for other types of food to be cooked on your pizza stone, because you really shouldn’t eat pizza everyday.

The first obvious choice is anything with dough.  This includes bread, scones, calzones and pita pockets! But also, don’t forget muffins, rolls, biscuits and cookies. All of these items

homemade calzones on a pizza stone

can take advantage of the pizza stone’s thermal properties and provide food that is cooked throughout and much less likely to burn. One thing to consider when using your pizza stone for other purposes is the cleanup.  You might like your chocolate chip cookies with a hint of oregano, but probably not.  Use a sheet of parchment paper to separate, or a light dusting of cornmeal to absorb the oil from the pizza. Remember from our earlier care and use discussions, never use a cleaner or detergent on your pizza stone.  If it is especially greasy you could use some very hot water before anything else.

Besides dough type foods we found a lot of people making baked french fries and onion rings on their pizza stone.  This is a great healthy alternative that is so easy to prepare and even easier to clean up.  Heat your oven to 350, remember to include your pizza stone so that it gets preheated too.  Put your fries or onion rings right onto the stone or parchment and cook fro about 10 minutes, or until golden brown. You could also try the same thing with potato wedges and seasoned vegetables in general. I saw an article on Food Republics “Hack of the Day” feature with detailed instruction for cooking vegetables on your pizza stone.

Hopefully this will give you some new and innovative ways to use your pizza stone more often.  Don’t forget about general reheating of leftovers, or frozen fish sticks too.  Everything generally will cook better on your pizza stone and most importantly, it will probably be healthier for you.  Some things may take a little longer to cook this way, so experiment.  With a little creative planning you could use your pizza stone every night of the week and only have pizza once!

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