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Copper Pizza Stones Vs Steel Pizza Stones

We found a great article over at Serious Eats that asked about COPPER pizza stones.  Being a fan of copper for so many reasons, we had to investigate. My first question was about the cost because copper is very expensive lately.  As it turns out there is no commercial product available yet and this was a purely academic experiment.  The idea was that the new steel pizza stones are preferred by many because they claim the heat is better dissipated resulting in a better crust.  The reason for the better heat transfer, as compared with a traditional pizza stone, is the  significantly higher thermal conductivity (it transfers heat faster), as well as a higher volumetric heat capacity (a piece of steel will hold much more energy than a comparable piece of stone), which is what makes it such a great baking surface. Copper has improved performance in both of these physical properties and so the idea was that it must be better.

Well as it turns out, this is another case of bigger not necessarily being better. Their results showed that the steel pizza stone still did a better job of cooking, with a more consistent crust throughout. They cooked a lot of pizzas just trying this out and they sure looked good.  Go on over and read the entire article and savor how good those pizzas must have tasted.

Pizza Hack: Is Copper Better Than the Baking Steel? | Serious Eats.