Pizza Stone Care

Care for your new pizza stone or baking stone could not be any easier.  Essentially, just rinse and store. Eventually your stone will develop I shiny patina that will cover the entire surface.  The more you use your pizza stone the more character it will have.  Of course there are a few additional details to ensure your new pizza stone delivers years of enjoyment.

The more you use your new pizza stone the better seasoned it will get,. but the worse it will look.  Remember, your new pizza stone is not like other cookware or baking sheets.  Most traditional pizza stones are made from a natural porous material.  As such it has absorbed oils and “flavors” from each time you used it.  Don’t worry about it being unsanitary as the oven temperature ensures that is is “clean”. So over time your stone will start to look pretty dirty.  Resist the temptation to scrub it clean, and especially resist the temptation to clean your pizza stone with any type of soap or cleaner.  Just rinse it clean with hot water after it has cooled, dry it off and put it away for the next delicious meal. Many people store their pizza stones in the oven and hence are only rarely seen anyway.  If you have large amounts of melted cheese and other food debris, those can easily be scrapped off with a sharp edge like a butter knife or spatula.

Dirty Pizza Stone
Dirty Pizza Stone. Picture courtesy of

Another cleaning method that you may want to try at your own risk is to put the pizza stone in the oven and heat to 500 degrees for a couple of hours.  The idea being the same as when you use your oven cleaning cycle, it bakes the debris off. However, this process may not work for all stones and could destroy any pizza stones made from synthetic materials.  Always follow the manufacturers recommendations when looking for ways to clean especially dirty pizza stones and baking stones.

Lastly, some people have reported some success with using a light sanding on a traditional stone.  In theory this may work, but be sure you have a natural pizza stone or sanding may result in damaging or destroying your stone.

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